The Practice will NOT be open on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May, please ring NHS 111 for anything which will not wait until Tuesday.  If it is a medical emergency please ring 999. 


Welcome to Silverdale Medical Practice

Contacting the Practice

Silverdale Medical Practice will be closed from 2pm on the afternoon of Wednesday 23rd September so that we can attend the funeral of our dear colleague who sadly passed away this month. The practice will reopen at its normal time of 8am on Thursday 24th September and we ask that you please call back then.

If you feel that you cannot wait until then please visit your local pharmacy or if you need more immediate help please call NHS111. Please remember A&E is for emergencies only.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, how you contact us will be different at the moment. This is to limit face-to-face contact whenever possible and help stop the spread of coronavirus. Your GP practice is open and if you need to see your GP, please ring us on 0161 983 0940 or visit our website – our opening ours are 8.00am - 6.30pm Monday to Friday.  You can also call NHS 111. Please do not come to the surgery unless you have an appointment.  If you are waiting for a check-up, please be assured we will be in touch.   Appointments are being delivered face-to-face, online and over the telephone. If you are asked to come into the surgery for a face-to-face appointment, please remember to wear a face covering. Measures are in place to keep you safe from infection during your visit to the surgery.



Due to the coronaviris pandemic we are giving patients allocated appointment times, so that we can sanitise our environment after every patient, ensuring you have a COVID SAFE environment.

This year the flu vaccine is being offered by the practice to:

  • adults 65 and over
  • people with certain medical conditions (including children in at-risk groups from 6 months of age)
  • pregnant women
  • people living with someone who's at high risk from coronavirus (on the NHS shielded patient list)
  • children aged 2 and 3 on 31 August 2020
  • frontline health or social care workers

Later in the year, the flu vaccine may be given to people other groups, but only the above groups in the first instance.

To secure your flu vaccination, please either call 0161 983 0940 between 10.00am and 2.00pm or request an appointment on, please state it is for a flu vaccination and you will be emailed an appointment.

Questions and Answers 

How can I secure a flu vaccination for me?  You can ring our receptionists on 0161 983 0940 or you can log on to and request an appointment with our nursing team but make sure you say its for the flu vaccination clinic.  You must ensure you attend as we will order a vaccine especially for you if you book in.


What will happen when I arrive?  You will need to drive to the top back door, near the dentist to access the building, when you arrive remain in your car until a minute before your allocated time, a receptionist will be at the back door of the health centre and will only let one patient in at a time. This is to ensure there is enough time to cleanse the area before the next patient arrives, ensure you have your sleeve rolled up ready for the influenza vaccination.


Please come into the Health Centre alone if possible this minimises the risks for everyone, if you are a carer for someone you may attend with them. 


How is this different to normal? This year we cannot offer a drop-in session for patients as we need to ensure that we operate in a COVID SAFE environment and need more time to cleanse after each patient. We are operating the flu vaccination clinics at the front of the building as usual.


What do I need to do?  Please attend wearing a face mask, ensure you wash your hands before attending and wash your hands again when you return home.  DO NOT attend if you or a close contact have symptoms or have had contact with a suspected/confirmed case.  You will have to book in with a receptionist at the front door.


What about car parking?  There is a car park available and because the appointments are spaced at 5 minute intervals, there should be no problem parking up and coming into the health centre.  We do have disability access for our patients.


How long will it take? Your whole appointment should take no longer than 5 minutes, you will be asked to sit down following your vaccination for a short period.


Will I just be offered my flu vaccination? We are unable to do any other vaccinations at the same time as the flu vaccination, but if you are eligible for other vaccinations such as shingles or pneumococcal, please book a separate appointment with the nursing team.


Guidance around wearing facemasks

For further guidance around wearing facemasks please visit:- Government Guidance on Facemasks

New Research for Covid-19

What is the natural history of oxygenation and symptoms during the course of COVID-19 amongst people staying at home? IRAS Project ID: 283310

An HRA approved study is underway in the practice. If you would like to help create knowledge about COVID-19 and are over 18 years old and in the first 7 days of likely coronavirus infection, we ask you in this study to keep a diary of symptoms and undertake oximetry (finger oxygen) monitoring for the 2 weeks of the illness. If you an interested adult and in early COVID-19 infection please TEXT the research phone on  07864087127. Lead investigator is Dr Jane Wilcock and she will get back to you. A results summary will be posted here.

What do people aged 60-70 years old think about face visor (shield) use in public spaces

Public Evaluation of Face Shield (Visor) Use whilst Shopping during the Coronavirus Pandemic 2: one patient test group and two friend test groups in England

Thirty Silverdale Medical Practice patients aged 60-70 years old were contacted randomly and asked to evaluate the use of a face shield whilst shopping during May 2020 of the COVID-19 pandemic. Two friends groups were added in Bolton and East Sussex to make 64 responses. Most people felt a face shield offered good safety protection against COVID-19, was comfortable and face touching with a shield was either zero or less than twice during the shopping trip. Cleaning it did not put users off. The majority thought vision was good or very good, though an important minority felt blurring from the visor was an issue and affected future use. In free text people mentioned feeling self-conscious as a barrier to use, wanting to fit in with a mask. Some people thought a shield was for them and for future use it was clear that many people valued a choice between shield and mask use, depending on the circumstances and would want the option of shield use in future. A minority did not want to use any face covering. People also felt that particular population groups, e.g. deaf affected groups, should be offered face shields to help communication during the pandemic

The full report is available here:

Thank you to all those who helped with this important evaluation. 

                      Dr Jane Wilcock


We are experiencing a high volume of call regarding the Coronavirus, with a reduced workforce.

We have also taken the decision to close the practice from 12pm - 12.30pm to give our staff time to get a lunch break.  We thank you for your understanding.

If you have concerns that you, or someone that you know,  has been exposed or become infected with the Covid 19, Coronavirus, the latest guidance says that you must self-isolate for 7 days, if you live with others they must then self-isolate for 14 days. Most people experience mild symptoms which will subside over the 7 days you are self-isolated.

These symptoms can include a cough, aching and high temperature.

If you do have symptoms and your symptoms worsen, please contact NHS 111 by dialling 111 or going on-line

The door to the practice is closed, although we are still open,we are not allowing patients to walk in to the health centre, without speaking to a member of staff, who is situated at the door.  This is due to some patients who do have symptoms coming into the practice, which then puts other patients and our staff at risk.  The doctors are telephone triaging all patients before assessing if the patient needs to be seen at the practice.

For more information about Coronovirus go here:-  Coronovirus information and news.

Patients will not be seen at the practice with cold or flu type symptoms.

If you or someone you know needs some additional support:

Please note our new number 0161 983 0940.

New fax number is 0161 793 6524. 

We are now able to sign patients up for online services - this allows you to book, change or cancel appointments online as well as request repeat medications and other services. Please see the Online Services Quick Link on the right hand side of this screen for the application form.


The practice provides high quality healthcare to patients in Pendlebury and Swinton North.

All our staff are dedicated to offering a professional, caring and receptive service to our patients.

Our practice has a strong patient participation group who help the practice plan and organise some of our services and act as critical friends to the practice, we would encourage any patient who wants to have a say in the practice to look here.

Our practice is constantly looking at how we can improve our services for the patients at the practice and work with other local practices to see how we can collaborate to improve services in Swinton as a whole, we have recently employed together a health improvement worker, for more information about the services we are able to provide see here.

To see Salford's guide to feeling great look here.

For information about the health of patients in Swinton and our community priorities please look here.

Your health and wellbeing is important to us and preventing ill health is essential to ensure people live longer in good health.  We hope you will find our website informative in helping you improve or maintain good health.

 Practice privacy notice


Silverdale Medical Practice has a legal duty to explain how we use any personal information we collect about you, as a registered patient at the practice. Staff at this practice maintain records about your health and the treatment you receive in electronic and paper format.    

 What information do we collect about you?

 We will collect information such as personal details, including name, address, next of kin, records of appointments, visits, telephone calls, your health records, treatment and medications, test results, X-rays, etc. and any other relevant information to enable us to deliver effective medical care.

 How we will use your information

 Your data is collected for the purpose of providing direct patient care; however, we can disclose this information if it is required by law, if you give consent or if it is justified in the public interest. The practice may be requested to support research; however, we will always gain your consent before sharing your information with medical research databases such as the Clinical Practice Research Datalink and QResearch or others when the law allows.

 In order to comply with its legal obligations, this practice may send data to NHS Digital when directed by the Secretary of State for Health under the Health and Social Care Act 2012. Additionally, this practice contributes to national clinical audits and will send the data that is required by NHS Digital when the law allows. This may include demographic data, such as date of birth, and information about your health which is recorded in coded form; for example, the clinical code for diabetes or high blood pressure.

 Processing your information in this way and obtaining your consent ensures that we comply with Articles 6(1)(c), 6(1)(e) and 9(2)(h) of the GDPR. 

 Maintaining confidentiality and accessing your records

 We are committed to maintaining confidentiality and protecting the information we hold about you. We adhere to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the NHS Codes of Confidentiality and Security, as well as guidance issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). You have a right to access the information we hold about you, and if you would like to access this information, you will need to complete a Subject Access Request (SAR) commonly known as access to medical records form. Please ask at reception for the form and you will be given further information. Furthermore, should you identify any inaccuracies; you have a right to have the inaccurate data corrected.

 Risk stratification

 Risk stratification is a mechanism used to identify and subsequently manage those patients deemed as being at high risk of requiring urgent or emergency care. Usually this includes patients with long-term conditions, e.g. cancer. Your information is collected by a number of sources, including Silverdale Medical Practice; this information is processed electronically and given a risk score which is relayed to your GP who can then decide on any necessary actions to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care.

 Invoice validation

 Your information may be shared if you have received treatment to determine which Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is responsible for paying for your treatment. This information may include your name, address and treatment date. All of this information is held securely and confidentially; it will not be used for any other purpose or shared with any third parties.


 You have a right to object to your information being shared.  Should you wish to opt out of data collection, please contact a member of staff who will be able to explain how you can opt out and prevent the sharing of your information; this is done by registering a Type 1 opt-out, preventing your information from being shared outside this practice.

 Retention periods

 In accordance with the NHS Codes of Practice for Records Management, your healthcare records will be retained for 10 years after death, or if a patient emigrates, for 10 years after the date of emigration.

 What to do if you have any questions

 Should you have any questions about our privacy policy or the information we hold about you, you can:

Contact the practice’s data controller Andrea Simpson (Practice Manager) via email at GP practices are data controllers for the data they hold about their patients.

Write to the data controller Andrea Simpson (Practice Manager), Silverdale Medical Practice, Pendlebury Health Centre, 659 Bolton Road, Pendlebury, Manchester, M27 8HP.

Ask to speak to the practice manager, Andrea Simpson.

The Data Protection Officer (DPO) for Silverdale Medical Practice is [Dr Karin McCall] who is a partner at the practice.


In the unlikely event that you are unhappy with any element of our data-processing methods, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the ICO. For further details, visit and select ‘Raising a concern’.

Changes to our privacy policy

We regularly review our privacy policy and any updates will be published on our website, in our newsletter and on posters to reflect the changes. This policy is to be reviewed 23/04/2019



Ask about out of hours appointments available at Swinton Gateway - book through the practice.

Evening and weekend GP appointments available

Patients registered at this practice will be able to have evening and weekend appointments following the launch of the Salford Wide Extended Access Pilot this summer.

The pilot, run by Salford Primary Care Together, means patients at Swinton’s four practices - The Sides, The Poplars, Silverdale and The Lakes - will be able to book appointments later in the evening (6.30pm-8pm) Monday to Friday and on a Saturday and Sunday morning (9.30am-12.30pm). These appointments will take place at Swinton Gateway.

To book an appointment, contact the reception team.

Salford Primary Care Together is a Community Interest Company created by GP practices in Salford working together to improve care for patients.


DNAIt is such a shame that during such a busy time of year when your GP Practice is trying to keep up with the demands for appointments, that patients do not attend or cancel their appointments, meaning longer waiting times for other patients. 

If you book an appointment but are unable to attend or no longer need it, please call and cancel it, cancel it on-line at least 24 hours beforehand so that it can be given to another patient who might need to be urgently seen.

If patients continue to miss and not cancel appointments which are driving up waiting times for other patients we will write to them with warnings and if patients do not heed those warnings and continue to not attend or cancel appointments, the practice may ask the patient to register with another practice and remove them from the practice list. 

In May 2018 there were 378 appointment slots not attended.  This equates to a GP having empty surgeries for just over 2 and a half weeks in one month.  In the last 6 months, there were 2369 appointment slots not attended.  This equates to a GP having empty surgeries for just under 16 weeks (4 months) of empty surgeries in 6 months.

Patient Participation Group

 Letter from the Chair of the Patient Participation Group

Silverdale has an active patient participation group and would like a few more members to join our friendly team, serving the patient community.

We are reaching out to local patients, who live in the Pendlebury, Clifton or Swinton area who would enjoy participating in open and honest conversations about the health care services provided by Silverdale Medical Practice.

We meet 4 times a year (every 3 months), for approximately one hours discussion about the health care you receive, and how it could be improved.  This is an opportunity to get involved, to meet and discuss topics of mutual interest, and to make suggestions to improve health care services provided for the local people of your community.

The patient participation group is not a forum for individual complaints or personal issues but is designed to encourage members to contribute and share experiences with a view to improving and developing all health care services provided by Silverdale.

The practice does need a cross section of people who are representative of the practice population.

If you feel you could contribute and demonstrate a commitment to deliver results as an active group of patients, we encourage you to join our friendly team and you may be selected to join.

Go to our Patient Participation Group Page

and see our priorities/outcomes for this and next year.

 Do you want to improve health and health services in your local community?

Do you want to have the opportunity to have a voice and get involved in the way your health service is run?

Do you want to help shape and improve services and even get involved in shaping and delivering new and exciting services?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions then you may be the right person to join our Practice Patient Participation Group.

Let us hear about your experiences, views and ideas for making services better.

The Practice is looking for people from under represented groups within the practice.  Please fill out this application form  PPG Application Form.doc  and either email it to or fax to 0161 212 6566 or drop off at our reception desk.  


CQC - Care Quality Commission

CQC Ratings


Please read our report by pressing the  see the report button.

 patient online services

We will be offering patients the opportunity to book, cancel and order repeat prescriptions online. At this moment in time, we are changing clinical systems and so this option is unavailable until the 17th July - we will update this section when we have our new online system up and running.  What this means is that if you have registered previously for online services, you will need to re-register for this service once we have gone live on our new system (EMIS WEB).

We thank you for your co-operation at this time.


Your Information - CARE DATA  

Please read these patient leaflets about how your information can help the NHS to provide better care. Care Data Patient Information and Patients FAQ's   or go to for more information.

 Disabled Services

The health centre has no steps to negotiate so is suitable for wheelchair access. If there is anything you think we are not doing as a practice to facilitate your needs, please do contact our practice manager, Mrs Andrea Simpson who will be happy to discuss any issues with you.


For appointments and prescriptions please use the Online Services link above. Alternatively, just click here.
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