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The Practice will NOT be open on Bank Holiday Monday, 25th May, please ring NHS 111 for anything which will not wait until Tuesday.  If it is a medical emergency please ring 999. 


Clinics & Services

Blood Tests blood_taking

You may require blood tests if you have certain illnesses or medications. Your doctor will recommend this to you. Blood tests usually take place in the mornings so that they can be collected at lunchtime and transported to Salford Royal Foundation Trust  for investigation.

If you require a fasting blood test, it is preferable that you have this done in one of the practice nursing teams earlier appointments so that you won’t be fasting for an excessive period of time. If you require a fasting blood test and another procedure at the same time and are able to fast longer, both procedures can be undertaken together.

Well Person Checks

Do you have high blood pressure or diabetes? Well, you may not know. These can be detected by a well person check. There is a lot of evidence to show that early detection of illnesses saves lives. We recommend a check every five years to anyone aged 15 and older. These are done by our practice nurses and include smears for women aged 25-65 years old. Phone the Health Centre for an appointment.

  • Currently we have smoking information on 81% of our patients aged over 15 in the last 27 months. Unfortunately 42% of them smoke.
  • We know the Blood Pressure of 90% of our patients, currently 19% have hypertension.
  • We know the weight of 51% of our patients in the last 5 years aged over 15 and 24% are medically obese with a body mass index of over 30.
  • We know the alcohol drinking habits of 49% of our patients in the last 5 years and 23% drink above the recommended limits usually.
  • To keep in good health we should not smoke. 
  • Our Blood Pressure should be below 140/90, less in some medical conditions. 
  • We should eat five helpings of fruit and veg a day and exercise daily.
  • Men are advised to drink less than 21 units of alcohol a week and women below 14 units a week. One unit is a measure of spirit, a 125ml glass of wine or half a pint of beer.
  • By having a well person check you can discuss your health issues and keep in the best possible health.

Paediatric Clinics doctor_baby_girl

Our Practice Nurses manage the Baby vaccination and development clinics which take place on a Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon from 1.30pm - 3.30pm. As a practice we are proud of our high immunisation uptakes. They also check the baby at eight weeks and three years old.

We immunise 97% of our babies at present although 100% are invited. Please continue to have your child vaccinated against serious infectious illnesses.

If you wish to contact your Health Visitor, please telephone 0161 212-5021.

Antenatal Clinics

The midwives run an antenatal clinic for all pregnant women at the Mossfield Children’s Centre, Mossfield Road, Swinton – Contact details: Tel: 0161 921 2460. The midwives also run antenatal parent craft classes at there. Births can be in the midwife unit at Hope Hospital or the main Delivery Unit. When you become pregnant contact the practice receptionists who will book you in with the midwife.

If trying to conceive, please stop smoking, avoid alcohol and continue this throughout the pregnancy, folic acid 400mcg once per day during conception and until 12 weeks of pregnancy helps prevent spina bifida. If there are congenital conditions within the family, please discuss with the doctor.

If you are struggling to stop smoking, please make an appointment with one of our nursing team who will be able to help you with this.

Diabetic Clinics

Our Practice Nurses manage the management of all the Silverdale Medical Practice Diabetics and all the Practice patients not under hospital care will be invited to attend his clinic by appointment over a year to ensure good diabetic control and early detection and treatment of any complications, which may arise.

  • 6% of all the practice patients are diabetic.
  • All the patients with diabetes are offered an annual flu vaccination and 87% have taken this up.
  • All have been offered a one-off pneumonia vaccination, called pneumovax and 81% have taken this up. Smoking damages the circulation and diabetes can do too. It is most important that diabetics don’t smoke.
  • There is good evidence that good control of diabetes and blood pressure prevents long term disease complications in diabetes, this is why the checkups are important.

Asthma Clinics

Our Practice nurses offer all asthmatics an asthma clinic appointment- just make an appointment at the reception desk. Asthma treatment follows the British Thoracic Society Guidelines and you may need your care stepping up or down periodically. We recommend an annual asthma check. We also recommend that asthmatic patients receive a one-off vaccination against a form of pneumonia, Pneumovax, and a yearly flu vaccination.

Arterial Disease Checks elderley_BP_check

Some people develop heart disease. The most common, but not the only, cause for this is hardening of the arteries. This can also cause circulation problems down the legs, called peripheral artery disease or intermittent claudication. Some people develop transient strokes, TIAs, or full strokes, CVAs, again there are other causes sometimes for these conditions.

Treating blood pressure and cholesterol levels has been shown to prevent further damage. Adapting lifestyles as with the well person checks is also helpful.

The blood pressure in patients with arterial disease should ideally be below 140/85 and the cholesterol below 4mmol/L, there should be no smoking. We offer annual checks to our patients to aim for these levels whenever possible.

  • 9% of our practice patients unfortunately have artery disease resulting in heart trouble or stroke.
  • 80% are helped by taking aspirin
  • 20% continue to smoke.
  • We have measured the cholesterol in 92% of patients affected and 78% are now below 5mmol/L.
  • We have measured the blood pressure in 95% and 84% are below the target desired.

Contraceptive Care

All the GP’s offer contraceptive care during normal surgery hours - just make an appointment in the usual way. If you require the morning after pill due to unprotected sex during the previous 72 hours let the receptionist know the appointment is urgent so you can be slotted in, in time to collect the prescription and receive counselling. The Levonelle tablet is available within 72 hours of unprotected sex.

Swinton Family planning clinic at 139 Partington Lane, Swinton, M27 0NW,also offer an evening surgery on Tuesdays at 6.00 – 8.30pm and they in addition offer inplanon fittings if you wish to access Swinton Family Planning Services please telephone 0161 212 5100.


The leading causes of death in Salford are from smoking related diseases - heart attacks, angina, cancer of the lung, throat and mouth, vascular disease to the brain and legs. If you smoke - STOP.

Our Healthcare Assistant offers patients a smoking cessation clinic and have recently had many successes with the help of nicotine substitutes. If you are interested in giving up smoking please make an appointment to attend for this.


Alcohol abuse is the 2nd largest cause of death after cancer in our under 70 year old patients (audit 2008). Please see the doctor to discuss alcohol excess if this is an issue or phone the community alcohol team on 0161 745 9566.

syringeTravel Vaccinations

See the next tab for details

Influenza Vaccination

This is recommended each October to people over 65 years old and to anyone with a chronic heart or lung condition, a debilitating illness or diabetes. We undertake to immunise our patients in residential and nursing homes, but do not do other home vaccinations. The dates for the flu sessions are available from early August each year, please contact the Health Centre then to reserve a vaccine.

There is mounting evidence that flu vaccination prevents vulnerable individuals from needing hospital admissions. We invite 100% of at risk individuals and over 65-year-old patients for vaccination and in 2008 78% of all our registered patients over 65 had a flu vaccination.

Cervical Smear Screening

Cervical smears take five minutes and pick up early cellular abnormalities, which in some instances may progress to cervical cancer. Cervical cancer rates have halved since the 1980s largely due to women having cervical screening. It is thought to save 1000 lives a year. Treatment of early abnormalities prevents cervical cancer occurring. Smears are recommended three yearly for women aged 25 to 49 years old and five yearly for those women aged 50 – 65 years old - please make an appointment with your doctor or our practice nurse. Currently 91% of our women take up cervical screening.

Breast Screening

We participate in the national mammography programme which offers three yearly mammograms to 50 - 70 year olds, but all women should be aware of breast changes, examining them after a period (or monthly if through the menopause) and report any lumps to their doctor for an opinion.

About 44,100 people in the UK each year are diagnosed with breast cancer. The causes of breast cancer are not yet completely understood. The risk of developing breast cancer is very small in young women and increases as women get older. More than half of breast cancers occur in women over the age of 65.

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